Recent Board Updates

Raglan Community Board Meetings

The Community Boards meeting details can be found on the Waikato District Council Events page.  Please contact the Democracy Team if you have any queries.

The Raglan Community Board’s role is to express the community’s views on local issues to the Council.

The Board meets on a six-weekly cycle with meetings scheduled to start at 1:30pm.  Public forum will be the first item on the agenda after commencement of the meeting.

This meeting is held in the Supper Room, Town Hall, Bow Street, Raglan.

All members of the public are invited to attend.

Chair: Gabrielle Parson

Deputy Chair: Dennis Amoore

For more information contact the Chief Financial Officer Alison Diaz or the  Democracy Team on any matters relating to the Raglan Community Board agenda.

The Community Board upcoming meeting schedule for 2022:

  • Wednesday 15 June
  • Wednesday 27 July
  • Wednesday 7 September.

You can read more about the Raglan Community Board members as well as the Code of Conduct document on the Members page.