Raglan Wharf Project


Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project Update – June 2021

Wharf Update Present status is as follows by sections.

Wharf Sub Structure

This is progressing as a project separate to the PGF funding. The wharf project we will be concerned with urgent work should it be identified. Note that the precautionary weight limit of ten tonne on the structure remains in place. To assist with managing the weight limit, a lockable bollard has been placed at the entrance to the service lane.


Tenders have closed and two design build companies have tendered. Bellingham Marine and Heron Marinas. Tenders are presently being evaluated by a team of three including Marine engineer (BECA) , Project Manager and WDC Maintenance and Contracts Manager. There is a supplier presentation of tenders on Friday 18th June which I have been invited to attend as part of PCG. WDC plan to award contract before the end of the financial year, 30 June 2021

West Walkway/hand rail and safety requirements

The design phase of this work has gone out to tender with five companies having uplifted the documents.

Whaingaroa Infrastructure Study

Beca have presented their scope document to the PCG and PCG has approved Beca to lead the Harbour study facilitation in conjunction with WDC planner. Study will consist of five stages

  •  Information gathering with community board, stake holders, mana whenua & LTP
  • Community consultation
  • Feedback to all parties and community
  • Preparation of draft strategy and circulation to get feed back
  • Finalise strategy and present and identify implementation measures Expect a meeting to be called to discuss the next stage of this with PCG and Beca in next four weeks.
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John Lawson
John Lawson
3 months ago

NZHPT say that in the event of ground disturbance HNZPT considers that professional archaeological advice from a local archaeologist/s needs to be sought prior to the development of these projects. Is the ground to be disturbed by these developments and, if so, what advice has been given?