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Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project Update November 2020

Welcome to the first update from the Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project team.

Waikato District Council and Raglan Community Board have teamed up with Hamilton-based project management company Beca to run through the early stages of the project. The team has been very busy setting up the overall project from top to toe. The team has collaborated with a number of working groups from within the Raglan community to land on a selection of options that best fit the wharf and how Raglanites and visitors to Raglan use it. Representatives from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, who allocated $2.5 million towards the project, have even come over for a look-see as part of their tour of projects in the Raglan area.

The updates below will give detail on the progress made so far and what lies ahead.

At the forefront of our minds is getting the right result for all stakeholders in Raglan, keeping in budget and doing the work at the right time.

Our local working groups have been great at identifying exactly what is needed. We are reviewing overall cost.

One of the major steps we are taking right now is to review the project costs to try and prioritise spending to go to the right places.

We are also aiming to carry out the work, so it reduces, or ideally avoids, impacting the businesses on the wharf. This, we think, will mean the vast majority of the physical work will be carried out during the low season over the winter months. Our consenting requirements may have an impact on this but for the time being there is much to do in the planning, engaging and procurement processes and we proceed with optimism.

Work Packages

  1. Pontoon:
    • The working group has got together on several occasions over the past few months and produced a preferred proposal. This is having a technical review prior to going out to get construction pricing
  2. West Walkway
    • Progress has been similar to the pontoon working group with a preferred proposal being issued from the working group. It is expected that this will take further development to produce a package of information ready to seek construction pricing.
  3. Wharf Substructure
    • The Wharf substructure is regularly reviewed as a Waikato District Council asset. The most recent review was carried out this spring. This review has identified a number of areas that need maintenance to continue to extend the life of the wharf. After the exploratory work carried out by SP Divers, Waikato District Council has on guidance from a structural engineer decided to close the deck above water to vehicles. This affects commercial vehicles accessing the deck via the service lane on the Western side of the wharf. This precautionary measure and its effects have been discussed with affected commercial operators and the Coastguard. This will be in place until a targeted review has been completed.
  4. Health and Safety Updates
    • The wharf has been going through a number of changes over time as it has changed its zoning from marine industrial to business use and its popularity with the local community and visitors has flourished. A number of challenges have been highlighted and these will be addressed via the project and via general upkeep that Council carries out on its assets.
  5. Whaingaroa Harbour Infrastructure Investigation
    • This part of the project considers the long-term view of the harbour and how it will be used by our kids and possibly theirs as well. It is looking to link up locations of importance in the harbour that we can highlight for people to visit and enjoy as part of the Raglan area.

This is the first of regular updates to project stakeholders.

If you want more detail on the above, please contact us with your questions and contact details via email to communications@waidc.govt.nz

The Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project Team

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John Lawson
John Lawson
11 days ago

What is the preferred pontoon proposal? What is the walkway package of information? What are the number of areas that need maintenance? What are the number of safety challenges? What are thought to be the Infrastructure locations of importance?