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Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project Update – December 2020

Welcome to the second update from the Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project.

This is a summary of a year-end wrap up presentation to stakeholders that was held on 9 December. Thanks to the Wharf Kitchen and Bar for hosting us, and thanks to those stakeholders who were able to join us.

Health & Safety

The Risk Assessment for the Wharf and the pedestrian/vehicle circulation space was finalised and issued to the H&S Working Group. On 4 November the project team made a short presentation to stakeholders to present findings and discuss how these are being tackled.

This presentation was followed up with a session focused on the wharf handrail which occurred on 9 December. The subsequent presentation tracked the wharf’s recent history, its use today, and summarised how the project team has arrived at a decision to install a handrail.

The wharf’s status as a commercial maritime area changed in the early 2000’s as it was re zoned as Business use. Retail and hospitality have since flourished in parallel with existing commercial operations. This is in recognition of the increasing popularity of Raglan as a destination.

We have reviewed the statutory requirements and found multiple challenges here. NZ does not have statutory guidance on wharf structures. Instead, we have reviewed a number of statutes and best practices.

The risk assessment identified a list of issues that are being addressed. At the top of these was the fall from height risk. There are a number of options to manage this with varying degrees of success. Waikato District Council has reviewed these and concluded that installation of a handrail is the only option that will reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

We have liaised with our stakeholders to gather information, discussed any concerns, and we have workshopped ways to mitigate those issues. This work will tailor the design so that it works in with the Raglan ‘look and feel’ and maintains access for the activities that take place on the wharf including commercial and recreational fishers.

In other health and safety news, a temporary barrier has been placed across the 1913 stairway access, lighting improvements are in place, and a barrier is being procured to control vehicle access to the wharf’s service lane.

Wharf Sub Structure

You will recall the wharf was closed to vehicles for a brief period around the time of the last update.

A review underneath the wharf was done in conjunction with the Coastguard the following week. It was a very early start to catch the low tide to review as much of the structure as we could.

This resulted in reopening the wharf but with a restricted weight limit of 5.0 tonnes. This has been reviewed and for the time being the 5.0 tonne limit remains in place until the proposed condition survey is completed.

The wharf is made up of four parts built in 1916, 1958, 1978 and 2011. WDC is making arrangements to undertake a condition survey of all four parts. Historically these have been considered as separate parts. The report that results from the condition survey will be the basis to develop a long-term maintenance strategy.

Any urgent work will be carried out under this project, the longer-term works, and maintenance will be separate and use additional Council budgets.

Pontoon and East Walkway

A second location was considered following suggestions from the presentation on 4 November. This was eventually discarded following closer review and advice of suppliers. The pontoon will be located on the eastern side of the boat ramp. Pontoon building is a specialised market with a small number of suppliers each using slightly different technology. This package of work will be procured as a design and build package. To begin the selection process, we have developed a performance specification with the pontoon stakeholders and technical reviewers.

Over the next month we will issue this to market for pricing and then review submissions. Thereafter there will be a design and consenting phase.

West Walkway

The west walkway will be designed by a team of technical specialists. To make sure that the spirit of the sketch designs is retained there will be check-ins with the walkway stakeholder group. Over the next month we will be going to market for the technical team and anticipate reviewing submissions early in the new year.

Whaingaroa Infrastructure Study

This work package is different from the preceding pieces of work in that it won’t be building something. It will however build a picture of what we use the harbour for and how we see that developing.

The project team have begun to reach out to other groups along the harbours coastline to form a group. We are not the only ones who are thinking about this, so we are looking to join up to pool our thinking and where possible avoid doubling up on effort.

Cost Management

Cost allocations are shown in the below pie charts. These are based on information available in October/November and have been shown in percentage terms of the whole budget. It is expected that there will be a degree of change as the project progresses and so, will be subject to change as we progress the different pieces of work. The project team’s work in the new year will be targeted to progressively reduce uncertainty around cost.

To help manage the project’s costings, budget reviews are planned at key milestones. These act as a check-in with the funding and will be classified as a ‘hold point’. This means that an approval is needed before the project is able to continue further

Timing of the project

The team’s aim is to procure the physical work to have it carried out during winter/autumn 2021. Our initial projections are indicating that the pontoon will be first, with west walkway being completed last. The health and safety works are envisaged to be in the middle. As with the cost allocations, timelines are not exact at this early stage. The project team’s work in the New Year will progressively reduce uncertainty. The Whaingaroa Infrastructure Report will be a longer-term piece of work that may extend past the physical work competition.

If you have any questions, please send an email to communications@waidc.govt.nz

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Raglan Wharf Project Team

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