Raglan Wharf Project


Whāingaroa Wharf Projects

In 2019, Waikato District Council and the Raglan Community Board received funding from Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for the redevelopment of the Whāingaroa wharf and wider harbour.

This funding has been allocated to four exciting projects which are underway to transform the wharf and wider harbour now and in the future.

For more information on each project head to www.shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/whaaingaroa-wharf-redevelopment-project

Project updates 

Whāingaroa Harbour Strategy

We’d like to hear from you on what is most important to you for the future of the harbour. 

Take the 4-minute survey at www.shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/whaaingaroa-wharf-redevelopment-project to let us know what you think.

Feedback is open until 5pm on Monday 20 December 2021.

Your feedback is important because it will help to steer the direction of the strategy and ultimately help to shape the future of this important space. 

Whāingaroa Wharf Walkways project 

We’ve developed two options for the western walkway and we’d like to get your feedback on which is best for Whāingaroa.

Option 1

Terraced tidal stairs are positioned closer to the wharf


  • Will have access to the water for a longer period of time
  • Located centrally along the seawall, it will provide a better vantage point to the harbour and wider precinct


  • Potentially more exposed to bad weather

Option 2

Terraced tidal stairs are positioned in front of Silo Apartments


  • Will allow more beach access
  • May have better protection from the wind and bad weather


  • Will only have access to water at high tide

Have your say at www.shape.waikatodistrict.govt.nz/whaaingaroa-wharf-redevelopment-project.  

Feedback closes 5pm on Monday 20 December 2021.

The Pontoon Design and Build  

We are carrying out investigations such as underwater mapping and arborist and geotechnical surveys which will be used to inform the design stage of the project.

Once these are complete, we’ll move onto the next stage where we’ll tender the pontoon for construction, finalise the design and apply for consent.

We’ll have more details on how the pontoon will look and what else may be included in the project once the design has been finalised and we have secured a contractor to build it.

The Whāingaroa Wharf Structural Repair project 

Earlier this year, we carried out a detailed assessment of the wharf to see if there were any areas in need of maintenance or repair. As part of the assessment, we inspected the physical structure of the wharf and took a look underneath the deck. 

Several areas where maintenance and repair are needed were identified. Some have now been addressed through regular Council maintenance and any remaining repair works will be undertaken in mid-2022.

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John Lawson
John Lawson
7 months ago

NZHPT say that in the event of ground disturbance HNZPT considers that professional archaeological advice from a local archaeologist/s needs to be sought prior to the development of these projects. Is the ground to be disturbed by these developments and, if so, what advice has been given?

Trena Marshall
Trena Marshall
1 month ago

Great to see something being done, but both these options seem tame to me; where is the bold design of the likes of the Coastal Walkway in New Plymouth? This could be a major drawcard for the town if it is done with flair. Why isn’t this a walkway all the way from the wharf to the township? Cost? Apply for more funds. Do it once and do it properly.