Raglan Related Plans

Information, plans and documents related to Raglan Projects.

The Raglan Community Board’s role is to express the community’s views on local issues to the Council.

Below you can find information on projects that are related to Raglan:

Do you want a more frequent small bus going to more places around Raglan. Please take the time to complete this online survey that the council has asked an independent company to conduct exploring the potential for an internal Raglan bus service.

Next Meeting:  Raglan Wastewater Discharge Consent Renewal.

Zoom meeting: Thursday Jan 28, 7pm – 8pm

You are invited to attend this regular community hui which will provide an update on the Raglan wastewater discharge consent.
The meeting will be recorded and posted on Council's YouTube channel if you are not able to make it.
To join, email: communications@waidc.govt.nz for the Zoom link.

You can read more about the Raglan Community Board members as well as the Code of Conduct document on the Members page.