Places for People – He Whenua he Tangata

Paiherea, kahore e whati 

The whakatauki that guides this project, “Paiherea, kahore e whati”, meaning: when the reeds of the toetoe are bundled together they will never be broken, separated they break easily (Te Awaitaia 1860).


Places for People Parklets - Time for your Feedback

Kia ora everyone. It's now eight months since we installed the two parklets in town and it's been great to see them being used regularly by young and older alike. 

As we indicated during the design and installation phases we would be looking to do a survey toward the end of Summer to get your feedback on how you have found the parklets.  Based on your feedback a decision will be made as to whether they stay and become permanent.


The parklets are part of a project funded by the government during the first round of Covid with the aim to create safer, healthier and more people-friendly towns and cities.  This project has offered the opportunity for us to test this new approach to co-design with the community, to trial the parklets and get local insight and feedback in real time.

The survey below is simple and quick for you to provide feedback and also to suggest any improvements you would like us to consider.

It can be completed by clicking this link or you can pick up hard copies of the form from the Raglan Library, Orca or Trade Aid.  Feedback closes 11th March. 

We appreciate you taking time to complete time to provide us with your feedback.

Thank you

Raglan Community Board

If you want more information, contact the team via Dennis or Lisa.

We look forward to getting your input into this project.

Dennis Amoore

Mobile: 027 825 5807


Lisa Thomson

Mobile: 021 179 8256


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Geoff Kelly
Geoff Kelly
1 year ago

After attending the first presentation evening I am dismayed with the lack of data there is no baseline data we don’t know how many cars come into town how long they stay how much they spend or where they come from if you want to experiment with tge llively hood of people in this town then at least come with supporting data not analogically scripted stories of what happened in other cities or countries
For me this is a rushed project that is all about spending the $300k and nothing about getting a good outcome for Raglan
This project should be deferred until we have data that supports the premise that a town square is good for Raglan
I would rather we give the $300 k back than rush into a project that is not properly scoped out
To be told by a committee member that my business needs to drop its prices is typical of the lack of knowledge that this committee is demonstrating on how a small business operates
Further more I dispute the net carpark gain argument its not the amount of car parks it is the location of those car parks that is important
We have just come out of Covid and our reserves are low we cannot afford an experiment that is untested we cannot have a bad summer caused by a trail or experiment
Also this forum is hard to use you cannot scroll up as you are typing to reread what you have typed so impossible to prove read
These are just some of my concerns and I have been in business at the bottom end of town for a number of years.

Matt Kambic
Matt Kambic
1 year ago

At first glance, I didn’t see a major flaw in the design.

It would make a remarkable centerpiece to this amazing town. Great opportunities for people gathering, coffee-sipping, busking, harbour watching, sunset musing, with kid’s spaces, bike racks, a good mix of shade and sun. A place for pleasant strolling and sitting, while maintaining access for vehicles to move through and park nearby, at all the added extra parking spaces. (This last dependent, as usual, on visitor numbers which do saturate on busy weekends.)

The design incorporates aesthetics that are both gentle and rocking, so to speak. And lots of greenery, both the established and the new. With very busy foot traffic, and a lot of extra outside seating, businesses generally should stand to gain, though they’ll have to suffer through the construction.

Most of all, for me, though, is the beauty of creating a true ’town square’ (town oval?) with all that positively entails for Raglan.
1 year ago

I’m “interested “ in the comments that appear to promote a discussion( somewhat deconstructively) why the council to whom we pay rates to, therefore own, have decided, finally to invest in our village that will maybe enhance our living in a developing communal space.I’m amazed that some residents seem to seek fault with the council’s intent to improve our environment..(historically WDC and Raglan District Council historically have not necessarily met the expectations of Raglan residents in regard the distribution of amenities to rate collection.
Hopefully that will progress to, believe it or not, footpaths beyond Waikowhai, Rangatahi and Flax Cove.)or for that matter anything “ within reason” and with due regard to the hopes and aspirations of our “collective “ community.
Whaingaroa has survived , its spirit intact and dare I say grown in spite of not necessarily because of the council but because of the community.
You’re doing a great job community board!!!

John Lawson
John Lawson
1 year ago

Did you consider making party bikes available to get to parking areas such as the rugby ground? eg

John Lawson
John Lawson
1 year ago
John Lawson
John Lawson
11 months ago

A pity that the Board doesn’t join in the discussion and that Pūtoetoe Place has been dropped. It should have been redesigned instead.