Chairperson’s Report June 2021 – Summary of current Board work

Raglan Community Board Meetings

Raglan Community Board

Chairperson’s Report - Gabrielle Parson

11th June 2021

Over the last few weeks I have been working on:

  • RCB Submission to the WDC Long Term Plan.
  • Raglan Airfield.  Attended Town Hall meeting.  Working closely with RCB and WDC staff on way forward.  Updates to community through Raglan Chronicle, RCB website and FB page.
  • Attending Places for People meetings and supporting with Comms/Engagement. 
  • WDC LTP Hearing to speak to RCB’s submission
  • Zoom call with WDC Executive Leadership Team – regular Zoom meeting with other community board and committee Chairs. 
  • Met with Tania Ashman, WEC – regarding the Food Project which is considering food resiliency in Whaingaroa. 
  • Attended the Raglan iHub Opening 
  • Interview with Aaron, Raglan Radio
  • Wastewater Consent Renewal Zoom meeting 
  • Community Board oversight of the Coastal Reserves.  In process of planning a meeting with WDC staff. 
  • 90 Day Planning session with the Board

90 Day Planning session with the Board where we:

  • Reflected on what we had been working on
  • What we achieved/did well
  • What we can improve on
  • Went through our Engagement Plan and decided on our focus for community updates and engagement:
    • Promote website more and keep it updated, include work we have/are doing and celebrate achievements 
    • Promote people coming to formal meeting
    • Logo on all work funded by Discretionary Fund
    • Promote discretionary fund
    • Share our work and achievements
    • Look out for events we can attend
    • Informal meetings

Went through our 90 Day Plan, discussed each and updated next steps.  These are the items in our 90 Day Plan:

Current Raglan Projects and Issues

Current Reviews & Planning 

  • Wharf Project
  • Places for People (Innovating Streets Fund)
  • Wastewater Consent
  • Civil Defence Plan and Covid 19 Community Response Plan
  • Raglan Airfield
  • Coastal Reserves Oversight 
  • Soundsplash 
  • Manu Bay Planting
  • Raglan Naturally
  • Manu Bay Breakwater
  • Security Cameras in CBD/Raglan
  • Representation Review
  • Solid Waste Review - ongoing
  • Reserves Management Plan 
  • Long Term Planning
  • Review of Fees and Charges
  • Freedom Camping Bylaw Review 
  • Other Bylaw reviews 2021
  • Regional Coastal Plan Review

Current Footpaths, Roading, Connectivity  

Comms and Engagement

  • Inter Raglan Bus Service
  • Quarterly update from WDC on current and future works
  • Longer term planning for footpaths, cycleways, transport (shuttle), connectivity, parking, CBD
  • Pedestrian safety for School kids
  • Greenslade Road
  • Marae meetings
  • Rural RCB/RN
  • RCB representatives appointed to local organisations and groups 
  • RCB Delegations - representatives appointed to community and WDC committees
  • Comms to community – after RCB meetings.  
  • Inform and Collect Information Effectively 
  • Managing and Responding to queries from community members
  • RCB connect with staff at Raglan Library
  • Networking with other community boards/committees
  • RCB Website
  • Getting out into the community 

Internal Systems & Training of RCB members

We decided our focus for next 3 months is:

  • RCB/WDC Processes - for involvement in projects
  • LGNZ training
  • Chairperson training/support
  • RCB Charter & RCB Roles
  • Wastewater Consent 
  • Places for People
  • Wharf Project
  • Airfield
  • Good communication to community 
  • Representation Review

To discuss together at our meeting:

  • Harbour Board leases financial statement
  • CBD verandah lighting
  • RCB July workshop
  • RCB trial evening meeting

A few things to highlight to the Board and community:

RCB Discretionary Fund – next round closes on 1st July

The discretionary fund is to assist community groups, non-commercial groups and voluntary organisations operating within the Raglan area.  Visit our RCB website for detail:

WDC Representation Review

Around end of June – due to open for public submissions.  We as the Board need to be informed and keep the community updated on this.  


The next Raglan Community Board Meeting is on:

Wednesday, 04 August,  1:30pm at the Supper Room, Town Hall, Raglan.

You can read the agenda for the next meeting here.

You can read the agenda and minutes for previous meetings on the Waikato District Council website here.

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9 days ago

The airfield page says Next Board meeting is on 8 December 2021, but here it says Wednesday, 04 August. Yesterday’s Chronicle article says The next Community Board meeting is on the 15th of June. It also says about the bus Hopefully this will be discussed at the next Council Infrastructure meeting. It wasn’t on Monday’s agenda ( Was it discussed? What happened to the idea of keeping RCB’s pages up to date?